This month we are featuring our shave products in honor of “No Shave November” 


*Moisturizing Shave Cream – 5.1 fl. oz. – $9.95

This product moisturizes without leaving your skin dry and ensures a close shave!


*All-in-One Face Balm – 5.7 fl. oz. – $10.95

Soothes freshly shaved skin. A great daily moisturizer. Anti-aging with a large FPS 15.


*VooDoo Beard, Hair & Tattoo Oil – 1 fl. oz. – $14.99

Tame that mane with olive and argon oil. Those oils soften while sunflower oil helps strengthen and protect your beard from all the manly things you do! Leaving your beard soft and beardruff free!


*GIBS Bush Master Beard, Hair & Tattoo oil – 1. fl. oz. – $10.00

Manly maintenance oil for tattoos, beards, mustaches, and hair! Designed to moisturize and protect the hair and skin. Made with natural oils and extracts!


*Johnny B. Beard Oil – 1 fl. oz. – $14.95

Place a dime size in the palm of our hand. Rub hands together. Apply and massage into beard and skin! Leaves you with a soft and finished look!


*Johnny B. Grooming Kit – $19.99

This includes or Johnny B. Beard Oil and also a Beard Balm with Shea Butter and Beeswax. Smells and feels amazing!


Just because you aren’t shaving doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trim and tame! Keep your beard looking neat and soft through the winter months!